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Dr. John E. Flaherty

Field Trial Clubs Association, Inc.
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About Flaherty Field Trial Clubs Association 
Who We Are
The Flaherty Field Trial Clubs Association is incorporated as a 501(c)4 non-profit organization. We act as a planning and action committee, working in cooperation with the State of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to:
 Coordinate, administer and promote hunting dog competitions and tests;
 Formulate, administer, and enforce rules and regulations pertaining to the use of Flaherty Field Trial Area with respect to hunting dog training, competitions and tests;
 Engage in activities necessary to manage and improve Flaherty Field Trial Area for the purpose of hunting dog training, competitions and tests;
 Enhance, protect, and promote Flaherty Field Trial Area as the State of Connecticut's premier field trial site;
 Enhance opportunities for public use of Flaherty Field Trail Area in a manner that is compatible with field trial and hunt test activities and consistent with natural resource management; and
 Foster, protect and promote the sound breeding, health and development of the various breeds of hunting dogs in America.

Please see the complete text of our "Statement of Purpose"


Our History


Iterations of our organization and the use of what is now known as the Flaherty Field Trial Area date back to the 1930's and has a rich history in hosting premier dog trialing events, providing hunter education, and promoting wildlife conservation. Rich Garini,

Association Historian, has chronicled the establishment and development of these grounds and the Association over the years. Please read his detailed summary of "Flaherty History".

Officers and Delegates
Vice President
Ann Kilpatrick
At-Large Delegates
Rich Garini
Legal Representation
Attorney Ed Pontacoloni
Kelly, Updike & Spellacy, P.C.




Associated FTC of CT

Christopher Palmer

New Britain FTC

John Olfson


New England Futurtity

Janice Gregory

Tartan Gordon Setter Club

Sue DeSilver


Southern New England Brittany Club

Henry Wierzbicki


Nutmeg GSP Club

Mike Ernest


Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club

Andrew Campbell


New England Brittany





Central CT Bird Dog Club

Tom Gates


Spruce Brook FTC

John Malone


Northeastern Open Shooting Dog Championship

Gene Casale


Pointer Associates of

New England (P.A.N.E.)

Debra Freidus


Central New England Brittany Club

Paul Shirley


Hudson Valley GSP Club

Cory Roy


US Complete Shooting Dog Association

Bill Bonnetti


Mayflower GSP
Bill Felins



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