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Schedule of Events 2018
Dr. John E. Flaherty Field Trial Area

This is a TEST page with OLD Schedule manually typed in - not connedted to Google Sheets and Old black page colors w/gold font.

Use of Flaherty Field Trial Area for the purpose of hosting a field trial or hunting test is limited to member organizations and must be scheduled through the Flaherty Field Trial Association. This schedule, which must be approved by DEEP, is developed by the Association delegates at the beginning of each calendar year and will be posted on this webpage when it becomes available*.

Hunting is not permitted on the Flaherty grounds during any scheduled event.  Please note that some events take place on weekdays as well as weekends.

Printable Version of 2017 Schedule*:  Word;  PDF

For the convenience of our member clubs, the following links will bring you to the appropriate DEEP forms for registering your events. All of these forms, and others, can be found on the DEEP Wildlife Publication Library web page under 'miscellaneous forms & applications'.

*The "official" schedule is posted on the DEEP website, and we are making it available on this webpage for your convenience.  Should there be a discrepancy between what is posted on the Flaherty website and what is posted on the DEEP website, the DEEP version should be considered the official approved schedule.

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